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Our Story

My name is Rebecca Zahara St. Aime and I am the creator of Rele m 'Bèl. Rele m 'Bèl is a black-woman owned, handmade, luxury, self-care, reiki infused lifestyle brand. Imagine saying that without getting your tongue tied. Rele m 'Bèl pronounced R·eh·leh· M · Bell translates to "call me beautiful" in Haitian-Creole.

Rele m 'Bèl was birthed due to my personal journey in discovering the impact and necessity of self-care and self-prioritization.  While our parents and society groom us for our adult hood and the systematic "rat race" we are not often reminded to give back to ourselves and to replenish. 

I developed  Rele m 'Bèl in support of woman empowerment and overall self-love. We launched back in August 2019 to help inspire and motivate women to start prioritizing their self care. As people we often get so caught up in the daily "grind", and when self-care is discussed it's usually pretty surface level. While being beautiful on the outside is great, my intention is that our self-care products remind you that you're also beautiful on the inside and you radiate divine light.

If you came here on purpose or even perhaps by accident, I want you to know that you are beautiful regardless of societal standards and expectations. I mean, just imagine how perfectly crafted you are, so much so that there is literally no one in this world exactly like you. Rele m 'Bèl is made for all women, but especially women like you. You are already beautiful but sometimes we can all use a little reminder. So we're here to foster a community of self-love, self-mastery and healing. 

To remind you that YOU are worthy, YOU are special, YOU are miraculous, YOU are intelligent, YOU are a freaking powerhouse and YOU are beautiful inside and out. So when "they" call you out of your name tell them Rele m 'Bèl.

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